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Collection Fairyland, butterfly bags with an iridescent look!

After the iconic Papillon bags with their glittery look, Caramel & cie has enriched its range with the Fairyland collection and its new iridescent look, featuring pretty rainbow reflections.

Who hasn't dreamed, as a child, of twirling from flower to flower, gathering magic honey or imagining themselves as fairies with iridescent wings? The Fairyland collection was born of the desire to bring a little magic and a lot of imagination to our children's childhoods... to give them the power to play at telling themselves beautiful stories!

Butterfly bags, fanny packs and wallets are adorned with iridescent reflections in tangy colors: yellow, pink, parma or blue.

Particular care was taken over the choice of iridescent fabric. And the butterfly bag has emerged from its chrysalis... new iridescent wings stitched with fine embroidery to emphasize their elegant shapes.

The Fairyland collection is aimed at children aged 3 and over.

All our products are conceived and designed as the first functional, pretty and fun objects with a hyper-trendy design to accompany children throughout their day and in their interaction with other children.

This new collection marks the first steps in children's socialization, while fostering a sense of beauty and well-designed shapes, tactility and prehension, and play.

Caramel & cie's iconic butterfly bag

The butterfly bag is the first dream schoolbag designed by Caramel & cie to bring magic to children's daily lives and ease their transition to school.

Initially available in a sequined fabric, the butterfly bag has been redesigned in an iridescent fabric, and the wings, also iridescent, have been the subject of numerous tests to arrive at their definitive shape and appearance: they are finely embroidered with a darker thread to give them texture and elegance. Like a butterfly with gold-threaded wings!

This mini backpack with its pretty butterfly wings comes in several iridescent colors: yellow, pink, parma or blue. Chic and girly with rainbow reflections, the butterfly bag is easy to open and close thanks to its magnetic clasp.

Practical yet light as a butterfly, it features a single 3.8-liter compartment for a day's diaper, a comforter or even a little book. The butterfly bag can also be carried by hand, thanks to its pretty varnished handle.

A perfect companion, it will accompany the fairy and elf tales told to your children in their bedrooms at night, as well as their activities throughout the day... day nursery, outings to the park, sports activities such as dancing or swimming.

What's more, a label holder is sewn inside the bag to hold his first name for easy identification.

The butterfly bag will elegantly decorate your child's bedroom. And its shimmering wings will lend a magical, fairy-tale aura to reassure your little ones at bedtime. In fact, the butterfly bag is a bit like a comforter bag!

Rainbow banana and purse

The must-have iridescent banana!

Practical with its adjustable strap and zip fastening, it's a must-have basic from age 4 to 99!

It's available in four iridescent colors, and its rainbow-colored strap is super chic! A real eye-catcher among your friends ;)

You can slip in the matching wallet and all your little secrets, neatly kept around your waist or slung over your shoulder. Ideal for keys or glasses!

The purse, also in the same iridescent colors as the Butterfly bag and banana, has two interior compartments.

With its clever snap hook, the purse can be attached to the child's bag or schoolbag. A great way to make sure you don't lose it and find it again easily!

Caramel & cie's Fairyland collection will be on display at Le Bon Marché from May onwards. As last year, fun and creative workshops led by the Caramel & cie team will be offered to children until July. Follow us on social networks to keep up to date with the exact dates and themes of these workshops!

We hope this collection will delight your little wolves and inspire thousands of extraordinary stories...

Caramel & cie accompanies children in their first years of socialization as they make the transition from the family cocoon to school, and then throughout their learning years. Our back to school collection offers a wide choice of schoolbags and backpacks for children from kindergarten to the end of primary school.