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Caramel & cie, the French brand of school bags and designer bags !

Create adventures, stories and happiness with a schoolbag. Give our children the power to dream by designing beautiful schoolbags that make them burst with joy.

To make good schoolbags that respect their morphology and help them grow... all this is possible and we work on it every day!

Rafaela Garcia

A word from the creator

Going to school is also learning to share: friends, games, songs, hide-and-seek, whispers, pretty notebooks and colored pencils.

All these moments of discovery are also moments of emotion.

Their schoolbag, unique, different, an everyday companion, is also a beacon of each child's personality.

How did the idea for the binders come about?

The wonderful story of Caramel & cie

When my son Adrien started first grade, I looked for a long time for a "beautiful" schoolbag that would respect his growing back.

But I couldn't find one. I then had the idea to design a schoolbag. After validating with my workshops in Vietnam the feasibility of production (I had a brand of ready-to-wear for children) the first schoolbag Caramel & cie was born.

Caramelo, the story of the little stray dog

Why the name Caramel & cie ?

Caramelo was the name of my dog in Caracas, a little stray dog that I found when I was 8 years old. He was very funny, always doing silly things and it is these memories and emotions of my childhood, full of laughter, color and joy, that I wanted to instill in Caramel & cie.

Our commitments and expertise

A joyful imagination

The dream binder...

I create my binders by intuition, but as I am also a mother, I chose to design binders that stimulate the creativity and imagination of our children.

Because imagination is essential in their development. So I made binders that tell stories.

Or rather binders that encourage children to invent stories in their heads.

They turn into butterflies to fly from their rooms to school and pick flowers, they get on their big motorcycles to take a little detour through the Grand Canyon, they discuss with their friends whether unicorns, thanks to their horns, are stronger than tigers, and whether tigers that throw lightning bolts are stronger than triceratops.

And so I say to myself that our children will be happier to go to school and therefore happier to learn!

A story of passion

How did you become a designer?

As a little girl I was already transforming my toys, creating dresses for my dolls and having fun making disguises for my brother.

Naturally, this passion led me to become a designer, first at Prodiseño, the prestigious graphic design school in Caracas, then at ENSCI-les ateliers, in Paris.

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