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The new 2024 back-to-school collection, a committed collection full of life!

At Caramel & cie, we think our boudchous "age" too quickly: they become teenagers as early as 7! The joy of being a child fades too quickly!

That's why this new back-to-school collection was born under the banner of our little ones' joie de vivre, with one aim in mind: to protect our children's childhood.

A collection that fights to keep them children until they reach adolescence. That they play children's games. Let them have fun, or even be bored, but above all, let them live their childhood.

We let you discover our new collection, a collection full of life that defends the right to live a child's childhood. Because it's a wonderful time. Because laughing, inventing, gallivanting, being together, going on adventures and even daydreaming are essential to our children's personal and emotional development.

The new collection features exclusive Caramel & cie prints in schoolbags, backpacks and pencil cases for girls and boys, from primary school to kindergarten.

Well-made schoolbags for primary school

Like every year, we take particular care in the manufacture of our schoolbags:

• They meet precise specifications. They must be lightweight, robust and ergonomic.
All our schoolbags have padded backs and padded shoulder straps to ensure maximum comfort for children and respect for their development.

Our 38 cm schoolbags are lightweight, weighing no more than 850g. This is a matter of public health and has always been a concern at Caramel & cie.

• They are eco-designed, made from 100% recycled polyester.
We have set up an after-sales service in our Paris showroom where we replace free of charge any clasps from older collections that may break.
You can also order them from our website and change them yourself.

• They develop children's imaginations.
All prints are created and designed in our Paris office. The inner lining features a new stylized graphic in the brand's colors.

This year, the childlike spirit of designer Rafaela Garcia has led her to create a collection with delicate, graphic and even vintage prints.

Set off to battle the trolls wearing your Knight's crest, accompanied by your Samurai buddy; fly over the great expanses on the back of Sun Eagle, the flaming eagle; travel back in time to the Jurassic era to meet the dinosaurs; and, after these tribulations, lie back on a bed of Liberty flowers, listening to the Swan's song under the Rainbow Love.

Ergonomic primary backpacks

Our backpacks for children in primary school and above are made with the same care as our schoolbags. They're strong, light and ergonomic.

Practical as a schoolbag with its rectangular format and designed like a hiking bag, they allow you to store your school gear without damaging it, unlike classic backpacks which are softer and more rounded in shape.

As with the schoolbags, the inner lining has been given a new look, with a stylized checkerboard pattern in the Caramel & cie colors.

The schoolbag prints are also available in backpack format. The emphasis is on ergonomics.

Backpacks feature :
• ergonomic, adjustable S-shaped shoulder straps,
• a padded back for optimum support and comfort,
• well-designed compartments for easy organization of school supplies,
• a chest strap to keep the backpack securely in place when the child is running, jumping or moving.

Its little extras :
• side pocket for water bottle,
• front pocket with integrated key ring,
• a protective pocket in the main compartment for a tablet or notebook,
• label holder,
• reflective strips on the shoulder straps for easy visibility at dusk.

This versatile backpack will accompany children on their way to school, over the weekend or on outings with friends.

Schoolbags and backpacks for kindergarten

Our small schoolbags and backpacks are suitable for children in kindergarten through to first grade.

They're perfect for a cuddly toy, a snack or a diaper change. The small satchel holds an A4 notebook, while the small backpack holds an A5 book.

Like our schoolbags and medium-sized backpacks, our nursery range is manufactured with the same care. The small schoolbags and small backpacks are strong, lightweight and ergonomic.

They feature chest straps for a secure fit on children's backs and reflective strips for safety.
And all the prints in the new collection are also available in small format.