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Schoolbags for children from kindergarten to primary school

School bags

The combination of classic lines and graphic design results in fun and stylish binders that are enjoyed by children around the world.

Your little girl will keep her school bag for a whole school year, or even longer. To find the right one, it is important to choose it correctly. This is why at Caramel & Compagnie we are keen to offer a range for girls that combines comfort and style.

Back to school, a special day

Our teams are proud to present a range of school backpacks designed specifically for little fairies and big schoolgirls. Completely adapted to their morphology, our satchels are designed with robust but light materials. They add no unnecessary extra weight.

Their shape allows not to press too much on the neck and shoulders. The straps are adjustable and above all padded. You can adjust them so that the accessory is as close to your body as possible. In addition, they have been designed wide to give all the ease that your child needs.

If you set them too long, it accentuates the arch of the back. By staying 5 centimeters from the size of your doll, it preserves her dancing body. In addition, if you go for a backpack with pockets, you can easily distribute the weight of its things in different places.

Finally, the handles at the top of the model are used to catch it without having to bend too often and too low. His back and shoulders will thank you. Know that if your child is fragile, wheeled schoolbags are a very good alternative. The weight is no longer on the shoulders because it is enough to pull it like a cart to move it. However, if the school has stairs, don't skip good suspenders as the wheels won't help much.

Organizing the schoolbag

Now is the time to teach your little girl the organization. Organizing your satchel well is a great way to limit pain. Make sure she takes the bare essentials in her Papillon satchel and not a load of unnecessary supplies that will only add to the weight.

If your baby has a locker in her classroom, explain to her that she can leave notebooks and books that she doesn't use. She doesn't have to bring everything home every night for her homework.

In order to distribute the weight well, the models with several compartments are the best. Objects that weigh the most should be placed in the middle, closest to the back. The rest can be stored around. Remind her that it is better to put both straps on her shoulders, not just one.

Each class has its favorite schoolbag

Until she begins college, choose a classic school bag for your daughter. She'll be using the same books, notebooks, and binders every day and they'll fit much better in a satchel than a backpack.

Practical back to school: the school bag on wheels

Does your little sweetheart walk from home to school? This model is one of the most practical for its journey. She won't have to carry several pounds on her back. Just roll it on the road, and even around school.

If she has sensitive back, he will be a great ally throughout her schooling. In addition, if she engages in extra-curricular activities outside, she could very well use them to store her things inside, for example, and even her afternoon snack.

Back to school: the backpack

As college approaches, little darlings are turning more and more to the backpack. It's a model that gives off a more modern side and above all it makes you feel big. We offer products suitable for children who are about to enter adolescence.

However, it is essential to check the weight of the bag once loaded because it can very quickly increase without being too visible. If she has to wear it for a long time because she is going home by bus, experiment to raise her awareness and allow her to organize it optimally.

A thoughtful choice

Depending on the class she will be making her comeback in, your princess may be able to choose the model she wants on her own. However, you need to make sure that it is comfortable enough for her and that it meets her needs.

The average weight of a school bag is still 8.5 kilograms, or about 20% of a child's weight. It is enormous ! To keep her back from hurting, it's important to make a fair and balanced choice that she likes.

Size: an important criterion

For kindergarten

Our mini range for girls consists of small backpacks that do not exceed 32 centimeters. This is the perfect size for your little one.

From CP to CE2

Satchels are usually around 38 centimeters in size. They adapt perfectly to the morphology of your growing toddler. It’s a transition size from kindergarten to the next stage getting closer to middle school.

From CE2 to CM2

Your little wonder has grown well and her schoolbag accompanies her. It is now close to forty centimeters. It is better to choose something with two compartments. This will prove to be very useful for storing various school supplies such as the pencil case, the binder or the text book.

Back to school trends

In our store, we have imagined a whole bunch of universes compatible with the desires of your daughters. And there is a choice among all the products! Color is in the spotlight with pink, red, glitter or pastel. The quality / price ratio is what we want most for our customers. Delivery is made anywhere in France.

But the reasons are not to be outdone. Butterflies and other animals will spruce up your daughter's crazy school days. If you want to know our opinion and get advice on the best accessory, you can simply contact us.