Are your children more like schoolbags or backpacks?

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Are your children more like schoolbags or backpacks?

Our schoolbags are made especially for your children to carry their school supplies gently every day. They are adapted to their morphology, comfortable and as light as possible while being solid. And of course when we draw them, we try to make them appeal to children and parents alike ;) ! Because our "little ones" are getting bigger and bigger faster and because they often ask for a backpack from the CM1, since 2 years we have been designing backpacks specially designed for school,... and your children's backs ! With the same creative requirement and the same technical know-how as for our schoolbags. Moreover, like our schoolbags, our backpacks are guaranteed for 1 year. We also support the schoolchildren ;) that we know are more and more ferocious with their backpacks ! We're telling you the news, we're preparing a model especially designed for them... we'll tell you about it soon?

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Born in Venezuela in 1975, Rafaela Garcia lived a happy childhood in a house full of children, colors and music. As a little girl with an overflowing imagination, she loved to tinker with her toys, create extravagant dresses for her dolls, and put together costumes for her brothers and for herself. Very early, she wanted to become a designer.

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