Collection EN VADROUILLE to go for a walk all summer long!



Going for a walk?

Our bags from the EN VADROUILLE collection are versatile, practical and suitable for all situations: whether you're going to sleep over at a friend's house, going away for the weekend or just walking in the park, whether you're planning to take a dip in the pool or train for judo; there's a bag designed for all your activities! Gym bag, duffel bag and even toiletry bag, find our different models and create a total look for back to school. 

Léo le Roi, jolie Marguerite and Fauves will be the companions of the little ones to carry all their secrets and snacks without getting dirty.


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Primary School

Let's Go

Born in Venezuela in 1975, Rafaela Garcia lived a happy childhood in a house full of children, colors and music. As a little girl with an overflowing imagination, she loved to tinker with her toys, create extravagant dresses for her dolls, and put together costumes for her brothers and for herself. Very early, she wanted to become a designer.

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