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A 100% magical collection, 80% recycled polyester and 100% comfortable

A very graphic and colorful collection mixing reverie and wildlife to delight children and for stories always so magical ...

We have taken particular care to protect the child's back and to respect its morphology.

And great newś, the ergonomics of our medium backpacks evolves for even more comfort.

This year, we managed to reach 80% of the entire collection in recycled polyester and we hope to reach 100% within two years!

And to reinforce its commitments, Caramel & cie has a new signature! "Create, dream, grow" is the mission we have set ourselves for children to accompany them in a more respectful world.

As a follow up, we have also upgraded our label on our binders and bags to give you all the technical information at a glance! We'll be doing a special article dedicated to reading it, so stay tuned.

Beautiful storytelling binders

A new collection that will enchant the little dreamers and will lead them further and further into colorful and joyful imaginary countries.

To dream and live more and more incredible stories... Fly on the back of a heron in the rising sun to comb the hair of our beautiful mermaid, roam the jungle with Simba the magnificent... And you can also talk with the Flower Panther or become the king of paper amusements and ride in style through the city... 100% magical stories!

Binders that are as stylish as they are eco-friendly!

How do you make a reasoned back-to-school binder choice? Back to school is a crucial time for school purchases and the market́ is so saturated that it's easy to feel lost.

Choosing Caramel & cie is making a responsible choice! Member since 2021 of the WWF France's Club Entreprendre pour la planète, we continue this year our sustainable development approach by committing ourselves to the path of eco-design:

• 100% of the 2022 collection is now made with at least 80% recycled polyester. The new Green Power Ocean capsule uses 100% recycled polyester.

• The school bags are guaranteed for 2 years. Improving their life span to generate less waste is the mission that Caramel & cie has set itself, by manufacturing stronger schoolbags. The seams of our schoolbags are reinforced at the stress points and the fabric is resistant to friction.

Is the binder damaged? We offer a repair program by sending back fasteners, buckles and handles for free.

Even more ergonomic binders and bags

We put all our technical know-how into designing the most ergonomic and comfortable schoolbag possible.

The anatomical back panel, the adjustable straps, the fabric are all elements that are researched and improved every year, because the protection of the child's back and the weight of the bag is a subject that concerns us.

This year, the clasp is an exclusive Caramel & cie. Reflective strips have been added on the straps and on the back of some schoolbags so that children can be seen at nightfall.

Great novelty, the ergonomics of the backpacks evolve for even more comfort and practicality. Designed as hiking bags for technicality, they keep the shape of a satchel in the vertical position. The storage space is larger and access to the contents is easier thanks to its wide opening. No more notebooks and books that get damaged!

A 100% committed capsule collection

In the continuity of the Green Power capsule collection highlighting endangered terrestrial species, this time we take you to the heart of the ocean to educate children about the world of tomorrow.

To ensure that books are not the only place our children will see these endangered marine species. It's a second cry that proclaims "help us save endangered animals again!"