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What weight for a schoolbag in first grade?

Your child is leaving kindergarten and entering elementary school, and you're wondering how to equip them ? Are you worried about the weight of your child's future schoolbag so that you can choose the right one for him?

It is true that the transition from kindergarten to elementary school involves a change in teaching that will include work in class with textbooks, notebooks or binders, and work at home in notebooks in general.

Your child will have to carry textbooks, notebooks, and a kit for the different subjects in addition to his snack. He will be much heavier than in kindergarten and will therefore need a good schoolbag to help him preserve his back.

Let's take a look at the weight of a schoolbag in primary school.

A well-filled schoolbag

A first grade binder will contain supplies such as a complete pencil case (pens, pencils, eraser, ruler, scissors, sharpener, highlighter, markers and glue), colored pencils and markers, a blank slate, notebooks, binders, portfolio and folder. There will certainly also be files and/or textbooks.

In total, the contents of the schoolbag alone weigh several kilos. We recommend that you place the heaviest items as close to the back as possible to balance the weight.

What scientists say about schoolbag weight

Studies have been conducted to determine what is an acceptable weight for an elementary school child to carry without creating back damage.

It has been determined that a weight of about 10% of their body weight is the maximum acceptable. For a child in first grade, whose weight will be on average around 20 kilos, the loaded schoolbag should therefore not exceed 2 kg.

C'est donc difficile à atteindre, puisque c'est déjà le poids des fournitures seules. A cela s'ajoute évidemment le poids du cartable lui-même.

The rolling schoolbag, good idea or not?

It may be tempting to choose a schoolbag with wheels, but these are heavier than the classic models, which is not a problem if they are pulled, although the posture is not really ideal.

But some cases will force the child to carry the schoolbag: climbing stairs to go to class, crossing on a gravel floor that does not allow the schoolbag to roll, getting on a school bus... This will force the child to carry even more weight than if he had a model on his back.

The lightest possible schoolbag

One of the solutions is to choose a good schoolbag, with wide adjustable straps and interior compartments so that the weight is distributed over the child's body and he can carry his belongings as comfortably as possible.

It is important to choose a lightweight schoolbag, so as not to overload the child. Traditional school bags can weigh several kilos, so it is important to choose modern models, designed to be as light as possible.

Some models can weigh less than a kilo.

Then, choose among the supplies to select light items and put only the necessary in his schoolbag.

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