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Are your children more like schoolbags or backpacks?

Our children are more and more influenced by brands, and they demand a backpack earlier and earlier.

To do like the grown-ups!

The problem is that most backpacks on the market are not really adapted to their morphology while they carry more and more weight as they progress through the levels. According to the FCPE, in CM1 and CM2, a filled backpack weighs on average 8.5 kg. Your child weighs an average of about 30 kg.

He therefore carries nearly 1/3 of his weight on his back every day! Whereas the recommendations of the physiologists are not to exceed 10%, i.e. 3kg! The after-effects on our children's backs are dramatic.

And, paradoxically, school bags (not all of them!) are better adapted than backpacks to minimize this problem of the weight of school supplies. We put a lot of energy and know-how into designing schoolbags that respect your children's growth!

Faced with the increasing demand for backpacks by elementary school children, we decided two years ago to tackle this problem by launching backpacks designed like our school bags. Their design, manufacture, size and weight are calculated to adapt to your children's morphology and to distribute the weight they carry between their shoulders and lower back as well as possible without hindering their breathing or their movements.

But not only, our backpacks meet all the requirements of our brand:

- They are sturdy
- They are ergonomic, adapted to the morphology of our children.
- they are light
- They are comfortable
- They are designed and drawn to please both children and parents.
- They are responsible, ethically manufactured with a high proportion of recycled materials.
- They are distributed by small independent and local shops.
So you don't have to refuse your child the backpack he asks for... if it's a Caramel & cie !