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Each one has its format !

To prepare for the new school year, one of your main tasks as a superparent is to find the perfect schoolbag for your child. Well, we say "schoolbag", but we could just as easily say "backpack" because, in between, the hearts swing...

You will also have to select the right size, because all the items on the school' s supply list must fit into it. Finally, you will make sure that your child, once equipped, will not fall backwards.


It must be said that being a responsible parent requires a lot of demands and that it is not always easy to make the best decisions.


Fortunately, at Caramel & Cie we know a lot about school luggage. As we are always attentive to children and as responsible as parents, here are some guidelines to help you prepare a tailor-made start to the school year.




We like the backpack format because it is universally cool.


At Caramel & Cie, we like strong graphics, beautiful fabrics and details that make the difference. With us, the backpack looks "casual chic", a term that your almost teenager, fan of the concept, will translate as "so stylish".

As you will have understood, for the end of primary school or for the beginning of middle school, we are leaning towards the backpack that we always choose with a touch of character.


As we are quite chauvinistic at Caramel & Cie, we love the satchel format : so French!


Who doesn't remember their first schoolbag?  This tradition alone symbolizes the entry into school of all young French people. The schoolbag carries knowledge and has been seeing the brains of tomorrow grow for several generations.

Our great pleasure at Caramel & Cie, is to combine the classic lines of the satchel with bold and modern designs for an uncompromising and terribly trendy look.

For a young schoolboy look "so French", we will choose the schoolbag without hesitation.




School supply lists are very different from one school to another and at these ages, children in the same class can have very different bodies. Caramel & Cie offers several sizes of schoolbags to help you find the one that will perfectly fit your child's shoulders.


And because we also feel responsible for the good growth of children who carry our bags as well as our satchels, we have designed them all with padded straps, padded backs for the bigger ones, sturdy seams and reinforced bases.


Now it's your turn to play!