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Caramel et cie. x Minireyve

Caramel & Cie X Minireyve was born from the meeting between two artistic mothers, lovers of beautiful things.

Once upon a time...

As a dedicated reader of the Minireyve blog, Rafaela knows Eve's work, her universe, her mother's adventures and her sure taste as a graphic designer. What a joy to see one day on her blog the first Caramel & Cie schoolbags on her children's backs! After years of following each other, they decided to meet. As you can imagine, they are getting along well. So much so that a pretty collab’ is born....

A collab’ for girls with character

Minireyve's poetic prints meet the glittering sparkles of Caramel & Cie for an elegant school year.

A whole range of products

Find our powder pink and gold swan prints on a selection of schoolbags, backpacks and pencil cases Caramel & Cie, exclusively on our website.