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No compromise on the ergonomics of our schoolbags and backpacks

Why is it essential to work carefully on the ergonomics of schoolbags and backpacks? Because the weight of schoolbags has been declared a public health issue for years, but it is often neglected. Numerous surveys have shown that the maximum tolerable weight of a full schoolbag is 10% of the child's body weight. This threshold is too often exceeded... the video test on a weekday after school.

The average weight of a middle school schoolbag is 8.5 kilos, which corresponds to around 20% of the child's body weight. In our small survey, we were above 15% most of the time. It is therefore almost systematically too high. Excessive schoolbag weight also has an impact on children's health, at an age when their bodies are still developing: fatigue, backache, spinal deformity.

However, although efforts have been made - for example, reducing the number of supplies and the weight of books - the problem remains. For the FCPE, only a legislative or regulatory text could more easily impose change, as the circular is not generally perceived as a constraint.

To date, there are no legislative or regulatory texts, and even if efforts are made to reduce the number of supplies and books, the issue remains unresolved. It is therefore essential that schoolbag manufacturers adapt by offering lightweight and, above all, ergonomic bags.

At Caramel & cie, we feel responsible for the future and development of children, and we don't compromise on the ergonomics of our schoolbags and backpacks..

Our bags meet very precise specifications. Because our schoolbags, before being designs, are technical products studied and conceived to be comfortable, light and durable. We design our schoolbags to offer your children the best posture, transferring weight to the pelvis to protect their backs.

That's why we pay particular attention to the back of the bag and the shoulder straps.
The technical nature of a bag is the result of several essential factors:
• Design
• Comfort
• Quality
• Robustness

Comfort, offering the best support to protect your child's back

When choosing a bag for your child, we advise you to take a close look at the following essential criteria, as not all bags offer the same technical and safety features:

The interior: to distribute the weight of supplies more evenly, it should be compartmentalized and stiffened so that heavier books and folders can be stored close to the back, so as not to unbalance the schoolbag towards the rear, and lighter supplies towards the outside. Tip: if it stands up on its own, that's a good start.

The back: for optimum comfort, it should be padded and made from a micro-cellular, anti-transpirant material to ensure breathability when close to the child's back.

The suspenders: they should be wide, S-shaped and adjustable to follow the child's movements as he moves. To relieve shoulder strain and avoid chafing, they should also be padded and made from a micro-cellular fabric.

The weight of the schoolbag is also an essential factor that shouldn't be overlooked. Your child will be carrying his or her bag every day for a school year or two, and notebooks and school supplies weigh heavily on the back of a growing child. So it's important to choose a lightweight bag. Make no mistake: a sturdy schoolbag can also be light! At Caramel & cie, our average schoolbags weigh no more than 950g and our backpacks no more than 800g.

The chest strap: found on our backpacks and our mini collection, it has the advantage of holding the bag firmly in place to prevent it from becoming unbalanced on the child's shoulders.

• Some countries, such as Germany, have already passed road safety legislation making reflective strips compulsory on schoolbags. Caramel & cie has fitted all its schoolbags and backpacks with reflective strips on the shoulder straps so that schoolchildren are clearly visible when leaving school at dusk.

Quality is our priority: top-quality fabrics for maximum durability

We use top-quality fabrics for our bags. In 900 denier which is a stronger weave. And the shades of all our fabrics are created exclusively for Caramel & cie, so you won't find a color from any other manufacturer, and all our prints have a specific coating to improve resistance and protect it from the rain.

The clasps, specially designed for Caramel & cie, are made in one piece for added strength.

Seams must be strong, doubled or even tripled at the points of greatest traction, outer bottoms reinforced and materials resistant. All our schoolbags and bags have reinforced seams at weak points and all points of wear.

And that's not all! Buying a Caramel & cie product is a responsible gesture. Our products are durable, and we replace parts free of charge. What's more, all our schoolbags and backpacks come with a two-year guarantee..

New format: the Ergo bag

The ergo bag is designed as a hiking bag, hybridized with the German school bag to offer greater capacity. It's ultra-ergonomic and super-comfortable. Adapted to the child's size, it will grow with him throughout his school years. Very practical, it's designed for school with all the advantages of a hiking bag, with Caramel & cie style to boot!

Its ergonomic, padded back with adjustable height allows the bag to be adjusted to the child's size. The Ergo bag has the advantage of being able to be used for several years, while offering comfort and support adapted to the child's growth and morphology.

It has all the features of a hiking bag designed to protect children's backs:

The abdominal belt keeps the bag as close to the child's back as possible, for greater stability and to prevent it from moving around too much.

Ergonomic padded shoulder straps and chest strap provide extra support for optimal weight distribution.

As you can see, the choice of a schoolbag needs to be carefully considered, and must meet certain essential criteria. For back-to-school, opt for an ergonomic, lightweight and sturdy Caramel & cie bag that respects your children's growth.