Discover the new Fairy Collection & free delivery from €100 (within France)


Spring is here and so is the new Caramel & cie collection!

We can't wait to reveal it to you... the new Caramel & cie collection is imagined and designed in France in our showroom in Paris.

As in other years, we have focused on quality for more durable products and ergonomics to protect our children's backs and help them grow up well. Because in times of crisis we know that for some people, buying a schoolbag is an investment. And moreover we have done everything to maintain our prices.

So that our schoolbags last even longer and because saving on ergonomics means saving on the backs of our children. In short, a schoolbag investment that's both reasonable and "coup de coeur"!

A collection created in Paris in the Marais

The new collection is the result of a long process of creation, sourcing and design to offer schoolbags and bags eco-responsible, made of 100% recycled polyester, always more resistant and guaranteed 2 years. This year, to go even further, the Caramel & cie collection is eco-designed to facilitate its recycling.

And because the development is also one of the values of Caramel & cie, all our prints are exclusive to Caramel & cie. Pretty decorations straight out of the imagination of our designer, Rafaela, so that children continue to dream and imagine beautiful adventures with their schoolbags!

As you understand, the new collection is robust, light, ergonomic, eco-designed, eco-responsible, while keeping a just price to remain accessible to all. And moreover, children and parents love it!

An eco-designed collection

2023 is a special year with the desire to make schoolbags even more exemplary. First, by reducing our carbon footprint. To do this, we analyzed the life cycle of our products and the results are quite instructive:

• 80 to 85% of the carbon footprint is due to the main fabric and finishing (printing, embroidery...)

• -25% is the reduction of our carbon footprint due to the use of recycled polyester.

•3 to 4% is the impact of the transport on the carbon footprint.

• Our schoolbags have a carbon footprint 30 to 50% lower than the market average.

Secondly, by going even further in the process towards greater eco-responsibility that we initiated in 2022 when we joined the WWF's Club Entreprendre pour la Planète. And by launching a schoolbag recycling program.

And that's not all! Buying a Caramel & cie product is a responsible gesture. Our products are durable and to fight against waste we replace parts for free. Moreover, all our schoolbags, backpacks and pencil cases are made of recycled polyester.

An ergonomic and robust collection

Et because we feel responsible for the future and the development of children, we do not compromise on the ergonomics of our schoolbags and backpacks.

These are technical products that follow very precise specifications at Caramel & cie.

The shoulder straps are padded and the back is padded to ensure optimal back comfort. The sternum strap also helps to keep the bag properly on the lower back and avoid friction.

Graphic prints to develop children's imagination

This year will be the year of exploration! For the little explorers looking for wild spaces or dreaming of interstellar spaces, the new collection of Caramel & cie will take you to far away and unknown places...

Are you ready to tame the Tiger King who appears from his hiding place? To lead the dance among these majestic and curious giraffes or to put on your space suit to explore space? Now it's up to you to imagine what happens next...

To these prints are added others more poetic and romantic as Happy Days, Carrousel and Froufrous.

Our iconic schoolbags, Stary Rainbow and Constellation Navy are also present, even more practical with their side elasticated water bottle pocket. And our Butterfly and Dragonfly schoolbags are redesigned to give it a more streamlined look.

A new format: the travel bag

The en Vadrouille collection is growing with the travel bag. With 2 models featuring the iconic Caramel & cie prints, it is the perfect accessory for little or big travelers. Very practical with its wide opening that allows easy access to the contents of the bag and robust with its structure reinforced by a rigid bottom, it can be used for all occasions, weekend or longer stay. When are we going on vacation?

The new collection is online, we hope you will like it. Let's take you there?