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Together let's protect our children's planet... by recycling your used schoolbags

The children's industry, bad pupil of sustainable development!

The fashion industry, like the children's industry, is one of the least environmentally responsible: • 60% of clothes end up in the trash the first year.
• The average life span of a toy is 6 months
• 80% of toys end up as waste every year.

Fast fashion, the relocation of production, the difficulty to recycle, the cost of labor, ... so many challenges that few brands dare to face. Yet we have a responsibility towards our first users: children!

At Caramel & cie, we rolled up our sleeves and decided to change things. At our scale (at the beginning!). We started small, 6 years ago, with fair trade production; then we started making schoolbags that are more robust and last longer; then we set up a free repair program and finally we switched to recycled polyester.

Today, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint and, most importantly, we are embarking on an ambitious program to collect our used and unused schoolbags for recycling and reuse.

By participating in this growing initiative, you will help protect our children's planet.

In concrete terms, how does it work?

You bring back, we recycle.

Bring back your unused or used Caramel & Co. schoolbags and we will give them a second life (depending on their condition):

• By repairing them

Once repaired, the schoolbags are resold for the benefit of associations related to children and the planet

• By taking them apart

Once dismantled, the materials, which can be (this represents about 80% of our schoolbags), will be recycled. Or reused in new eco-designed products that will be the subject of specific collections.

All the money collected from the resale of the repaired schoolbags will go to associations and that of the eco-designed collections will go to finance this program.

The stores accompanying us in this project

You can return your used or unused schoolbags to one of these seventeen addresses:

AU PAYS DES MINIZ : 11 rue de la paix, 74000 Annecy

COULEURS BAGAGES : Z.A.C des couleurs 2 bis route de chantre, 26000 Valence

CREA LOCA : 22 Rue Lejemptel, 94300 Vincennes / 6 rue Robert Schuman, 95880 Enghien

GSELL : 28 rue Saint Jean, 54000 Nancy /13, rue de Paris, 57100 Thionville / 11 en chaplerue, 57000 Metz

LA MAISON DE ZAZOU : 12 rue de bertrand, 35000 Rennes

LA JOLIE CABANE : Zone de l'Europe Retail Park Bâtiment 5, 59310 Orchies

LA PAPETHEQUE : 45 rue Paradis, 13001 Marseille

LES BEAUX TITRES : 61 rue Voltaire, 92300 Levallois

MARALEX : 1 rue de la Pompe, 75016 Paris

MAT MES SHOES : 210 route de Valbonne, 06370 Mouans Sartoux

MAXIMÔM : 7 rue stephanopoli, 20000 Ajaccio

PETIT SHOP : 29 rue Olliffe, 14800 Deauville

PICOLO : 16, rue Pas-du-Minage, 17000 La Rochelle

SUN KIDS : 8 rue Franklin 33000 Bordeaux

And also at Caramel & cie : 21 rue Michel le Comte, 75003 Paris