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How to recognize a quality schoolbag?

We know that a school bag is often quite heavy with the numerous school supplies. Moreover, it is abused by the children at school, and must resist both the weather and the passage of time. It must therefore be of good qualityresistantcomfortable and well organized.

Nowadays, we ask that it be made of recycled material.

Finally, it must be beautiful and reflect the personality of the child who carries it!

Here are the different points to make your choice and find out how to recognize a quality schoolbag.

What weight for the schoolbag?

As the content of the schoolbags is very important in terms of weight, it is interesting that the schoolbag does not add too much weight on the shoulders of the child.

A well-designed schoolbag will be relatively light, while maintaining a good resistance to the load.

In fact, health professionals recommend a maximum of 10% of the child's weight for a loaded schoolbag, to preserve the child's back.

The lightness of the schoolbag itself is therefore an important criterion in making your choice.

The right shape for your schoolbag

If the shape of the schoolbag is important, it is a matter of the center of gravity, the position and especially the width.

Carrying the weight as close to the back as possible, i.e. avoiding bags that are too long or with straps that are too long, is preferable in all cases, and especially for young children. So, forget the shoulder bag or the one-strap bag.

As for width, it's simple: choose a schoolbag whose width does not exceed that of the shoulders.

Quality materials

We particularly appreciate that the fabric of the schoolbag is weather resistant.

A little rain on the way to school is never out of the question... A waterproof, coated or water-repellent fabric for example will be a good choice.

There are now recycled materials that ensure respect for our environment and resources.

Strong and comfortable shoulder straps

The straps are essential for the comfort of the schoolbag. They must be adjustable so that they do not move too far away from the back.

Ideally, they should be wide and padded so as not to hurt the shoulders. S-shaped, they are inspired by hiking bags.

A well closed binder

Quality fasteners will prevent your child's little things from getting lost.

Avoid plastic clasps, which are brittle and fragile, and prefer sturdier metal systems.

Replaceable parts are an undeniable plus.

A strong handle

The handle, which will support the entire weight of the schoolbag, must be solid.

Check that it has reinforced seams, a sufficient width to facilitate the grip, and possibly reinforcements.

Pockets, more pockets

Finally, a maximum number of pockets will help organize your belongings and distribute the weight of your supplies evenly.

Spread out on the inside and possibly on the outside, they are very useful to find one's way among all that a schoolbag contains!

The good schoolbag

If it respects the different points mentioned above, the good schoolbag will finally be well rigid, assembled with reinforced seams, and especially in conformity with the taste of your child.

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