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Which binder for the third grade?

With their entry into third grade, children are in the middle of their journey through elementary school. The homework load is getting heavier and so are the number of subjects and notebooks. Moreover, children are in the middle of their growth period, and even if the load carried on their backs is not very important, it can in the long run cause small hassles. This is why a school bag adapted to their schooling is necessary.

Different criteria should guide your choice.

A good-sized schoolbag

This year, your child will have to carry more books and notebooks than last year. So he or she needs a larger school bag. A 41 cm bag is ideal. It will be adapted to the size of the child but also to the load he will have to bring home. It should have compartments to store a snack and other small items such as geometry materials.

Having a schoolbag that fits is also a question of appearances. A disproportion between the size of the schoolbag and that of the child will quickly attract mockery or show its limits in use.

Solidity first

Because even in third grade children are still children, they still take their bags with them to play and often hang out in the playground. Sometimes pressed for time, they don't take the care they deserve for their bags, and store them on the ground outside. This reality should bring us back to the quality of the schoolbag. Strong seams and a durable, waterproof polyester fabric will ensure waterproofing. Metal clasps and rivets for the handles and straps will guarantee a daily and intense use without risk.

And since daily use means regular cleaning, you might as well choose a schoolbag that is easy to maintain. Polyester has the advantage of being water-repellent and offering good resistance to stains and dust. Nevertheless, from time to time, you can clean the binder with a damp, soapy sponge in a circular motion. Do the same for the interior, including the compartments, and let it dry completely.

A schoolbag they like

At their age, having a nice schoolbag to show off to friends at school is a source of pride. Also, it is important to make sure that it corresponds to their tastes. Why not bags in pastel colors, sometimes glittery, or decorated with unicorn or dragonfly motifs, or even bags in more straightforward or darker colors, which can be enhanced with an emblem in the image of their favorite heroes, and which they will be proud to wear.