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Let's help the solidarity project of Dan and Maya in Togo.

Last Thursday, Rafaela met Dan, founder of Dingue de Lunettes; 5 minutes later, Dan's energy and enthusiasm embarked us on the adventure. Are you coming with us?

This project is called Reyma. It is a center that provides the population with essential products and services. Solidarity glasses, since this is Dan's job, but also a children's home, a bakery, a solidarity pharmacy and an organic farming plot.

Who are Dan and Maya?

Dan, regularly undertakes "glasses missions". His bag overflowing with pairs of glasses previously polished and set with corrective lenses, he helps the Senegalese "to see" and makes glasses, a luxury product in their country, accessible.

Maya is Franco-Togolese, very involved in her native country, she is the initiator of many actions at the local level to help people in difficulty. She dreams of giving birth to a project that would be more sustainable in the local fabric, a social, solidarity and autonomous project.

The buildings have been erected and today, in order for the center to be fully functional, Reyma needs each of us.

Caramel & Cie has decided to join the Reyma adventure and to donate 10% of the sales made until May 10th to support this initiative.

If you too are affected by this project and wish to support it, go to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank to find all the details.