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Because there is not only school in life, we have created the collection EN VADROUILLE !

Do you go to the swimming pool? Or picnic? Are you going away for the weekend? On a trip? Or do you just go to the park or sleep at a friend's house? There's a Mop Bag specially designed for all your extracurricular activities!

And if you're an athlete or a style-conscious globetrotter, our travel bags, duffel bags and toiletry bags coordinate with your schoolbag or backpack. For a Total Look that rocks! And they're multi-functional: your duffel bag is a gym bag but also a travel bag if you're going away for the weekend or if you're invited to a sleepover. And you can store your cell phone (if you have one) or your treasures in the zippered pocket inside instead of protecting them in a sock.

Collection EN VADROUILLE Total Look

If your style is more like Mix & Match, we've designed an exclusive collection for adventurous backpackers, with crisp prints at great prices. Snack bag, small pouch and mini backpack, they're light, adjustable and super stylish... you're equipped for the savannah with your spotted fawn on your back. If you prefer the countryside and the forest, our dazzling daisy accompanies you everywhere; and, for all the lovers of the king of the jungle, Leo the lion will make a wonderful friend who will roar every day in your ear (mouth you ears!). 


And because often when we go on an adventure we come back covered with mud and elephant slime, all the bags in our collection are waterproof and surface washable! So, ready to go on a mop ;)