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An eco-friendly schoolbag.

Joyeuse Fée, a limited edition schoolbag that combines eco-responsible manufacturing, sturdiness and optimal comfort of use. 100% recycled polyester.

All the values and know-how of Caramel & cie in a schoolbag!

Rafaela Garcia, the founder of Caramel & cie is a designer. She designs "dream schoolbags" whose design and aesthetics stimulate children's imagination.

Offering an eco-responsible schoolbag is a subject that has always preoccupied Caramel & cie. For 5 years now, our entire team has been fighting for one goal: to offer a 100% eco-friendly schoolbag at a price that remains affordable.

The weight of schoolbags is a subject that unfortunately we will not solve anytime soon. Rafaela tackled it even before the birth of the brand. Normal, her children wore the schoolbags she made! The solution: design schoolbags that are as light as possible. By optimizing their shape so that the loads are ideally distributed between the shoulders and lower back while ensuring that the straps are comfortable and hinder the child as little as possible to breathe, play, run?

Every year, Caramel & cie donates hundreds of schoolbags to associations to help families in need.

Caramel & cie makes its schoolbags comply with all European certifications and standards (REACH standards) on the respect of the environment and children's health. We then add strength tests which are not mandatory because a schoolbag must last at least 2 school years, and our schoolbags are guaranteed for 1 year: a strong schoolbag is a schoolbag that lasts and therefore generates less waste.