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Short Stories

A back to school without a little stories is not a real comeback... With each Caramel & cie schoolbag, your child will tell himself a lot of little stories through which he can escape to infinity and develop his imagination.Let's go for a lot of adventures!

Would you rather camp with the Navajo Indians in the Grand Canyon of Colorado or surf the big wave on North Beach, California? How about both? Your Road Trip satchel from Caramel & C will take you there whenever you want!

Become the master of lightning when Grrr, the Thunder Tiger, accompanies you to school, on the lookout for prey, on your Caramel & Cie satchel.

What if a unicorn took you on a trip on his back from star to star? And you too could show him and tell him about your world every day by carrying it on your back! Don't worry, he is not too heavy, he flies on your Constellations Caramel & cie schoolbag!

Does your mum think you're too young for a tattoo? But since she's cool, here you are anyway, with lots of tattoos on your back! And don't forget your Cool Tatoos by Caramel & Co. schoolbag on the back of your motorbike when you park it in front of school.

You don't need the space shuttle or the Millennium Falcon to explore the solar system: you've got your Caramel & cie schoolbag. And don't forget to ask it to take a detour to Saturn's rings.

It is said that swallows come back every spring and leave again in the fall. But where do they go? With your Caramel & cie schoolbag, they are perched on your shoulders every day to tweet in your ear the stories of their long journeys to the stars.

And you, tell us what story do the Caramel & cie backpacks and schoolbags inspire your child?