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New Collection

Back to school is always an exceptional moment.

This year, the start of the new school year, the real one, will be exceptional. Like a holiday in the country with that delicious feeling of freedom that floats in the air when you get out of the house to run in the grass. An even more beautiful and intense start to the new school year with the Caramel & Cie schoolbag on your back.

For the past 5 years, I have been designing and producing schoolbags with one idea in mind, or rather the back of my head: that our children experience an even more extraordinary back-to-school experience when they walk through the school gates with their Caramel on their back. It's a moment that can be so joyful, but also sometimes a little scary.

The satchels that tell stories

So, for our children I make pretty satchel that tell nice stories. They allow the children to let their imagination work on their way back to school. They transform themselves into a GRRR tiger to cross the school doors full of courage or into a unicorn to fly into their classroom! And then the imagination develops sensitivity and the ability to experience emotions in our children, so why not stimulate them by making beautiful schoolbags?

School is freedom

This year, as a kind of premonition (I designed this collection a little less than a year ago!), the theme of our collective is freedom. Freedom that school brings, freedom to learn, freedom to create! Freedom regained too! A premium collection of boys' satchels, girls' satchels and mixed satchels (because it's not only girls who like pink or boys who want to surf a wave in North Beach, California), trendy and technical. But also school bags and kits for kindergarten and all elementary grades.

I wish you the most beautiful and the freest of returns! Long live school!

Rafaela Garcia