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Anti-virus love vouchers

Catch-word are good, but you can't tell everything in them. Our children are still worried: when will it all end?

Is it even going to end? When will I really be able to give my friends kisses or to give them five? Safely? No matter how many people say yes, I don't necessarily believe it!
So to materialize this period and give a concrete and positive perspective to our children, we have designed anti-virus love vouchers. Instead of kissing and give me five, our children will be able to give their best friends, their favourite teacher or their friend's mother who made them a cake, some vouchers to be used after COVID-19.
A simple and fun way to say that, the real love, will be back soon and I'm saving it for later!


À mort (de rire) le virus
Even if things get better, we must stay vigilant regarding the pandemic. So we've designed a few fun and practical ways to help your children learn to respect barrier gestures more easily, while keeping a positive spirit and looking forward to a brighter future.

You can learn it while having fun or make it with your hands,
It's to be shared from a distance, with your friends.
To prepare a deconfinement full of flakes,
So that this May back-to-school is a fest.

Funny slogans for healthy children.