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Lovely meeting with a pragmatic young man

Friday, 4:30 p.m., that evening, in the usual rush of the kindergarten corridors, "Happy Holidays! " echoed thunderously.

There are those who will take the train, others the plane, some the car... They go to their grandparents', to my sister's, skiing, to the countryside or to the sun, in short: they leave! Milo, a pragmatic 4-and-three-quarter years old, will take the train with his parents for 3h30. He prepares his bag, the time for us to observe him and ask him a few questions :

Are you packing your bag for the holidays?

Yes, we're going to take the train tomorrow. It's the big train, it goes super fast !

What do you put in your bag ?

My stuff for the train !

What's your stuff for the train? Would you show me?

Of course I'll show you! I took my rainbow unicorn because my big dragon doesn't fit. There's my remote control car, but I don't think Daddy's gonna like it, my story box, my book, my pencil case, my headphones. My teddy bear I'll put it on later because I still want to cuddle him.

Do you still have room in there?

Yeah, I'm gonna put my lunch and my drinking bottle in there. Since we're having the picnic on the train, we've brought chips !


And you're carrying all this?

Yes, I am! These are my toys! Sometimes I also roll the suitcase around, but it's really big so Mummy takes it and when I'm too tired I sit on it. But my backpack is the right size for me, I can take it all the time.

Did you choose your bag?

No, Santa Claus brought it to me. It's so great because it's full of dinosaurs: this one's a Stegosaurus because it has scales on its back. He's friends with that one, he's laughing. I know how to draw Diplodocus very well ! And unicorns too!