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The incredible adventure of the French schoolbag

We love the schoolbag. It is almost part of our heritage. French children go to school with their first schoolbag, it's an initiation ritual, a tradition, a must have!

And yet, the schoolbag did not always exist. There was a time when few French children could go to school, the schoolbag then, did not exist: pupils carried their few items in a duffle bag or a pouch.

One day, a certain Jules Ferry, Minister of Education, decided to make the school public and free. The number of little pupils explodes! We are at the beginning of the 20th century, the great history of the schoolbag begins.

School is changing fast and children are carrying more and more supplies. The pouch is no longer adequate and, far too loaded, it hurts your back. Then, the first school bags reinforced with cardboard or wood were created, but above all, a pair of straps were added to carry the bag on both shoulders.

The school satchel, which until now looked like an adult's briefcase, made of leather and very sober, suddenly blossoms with the colors of the brands addressed to children - Poulain, LU - who invite themselves into the schools.

But then, a school bag can be decorated?! No more advertising, hello fashion. And in France, fashion is something we love, we adore!

On the other hand, we don't like it very much that our little angels, loaded with the weight of science, have back pain. Let us not forget that we are in the 20th century, this very special century, this century that goes fast, that pushes the limits, that even makes people walk on the moon!  This century that creates new materials, stronger, lighter, more ergonomic.

The new millennium is approaching, the schoolbag, not even a century old, is of an improbable modernity. Adored symbolic object, which embodies the importance of access to knowledge for all, which carries the hopes of adults for their children and for the world of tomorrow, continues to follow the school path.

At Caramel & cie, he is a real star: his sober, ancestral lines are disarmingly chic. Rafaela Garcia lovingly adorns it with its strong graphics and contemporary nuances. Always thought to make children grow up well, it is built to be more and more ergonomic. And because we want a better world, the inside of Caramel & cie schoolbags is now made of 100% recycled polyester.