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Meeting Rafaela Garcia

Behind Caramel & cie there is Rafaela Garcia, the brand’s designer, director and artist. We could tell you that she has long, black and curly hair, a sharp eye and a singing accent that she has from Venezuela.

But we preferred the Chinese portrait game....

"Rafaela, in a word, if you were :

An animal ? A tiger, because I love to do : Grrrrrr!

A flower ? An Orchid

A color ? Green Green

A planet ? Venus

A dish ? A pot au feu

How about dessert ? A fruit salad

An object ? A schoolbag, what a question !

A song ? Brel, "Au suivant".

How do you find inspiration to create your models ?

When I start creating my new models, I always start by putting myself in the shoes of a child and I wonder what I would like to have on my shoulders to go to school.

So, there is like a "gearing" that goes on in my head and I think of paintings I loved, fabrics I touched and also cartoons. So I'm like a child making up stories for herself. I imagine a story that will ultimately take the form of a schoolbag or a backpack.

Do you ever have difficulty creating ? If so, do you have any tips or tricks to help you restart your « gearing » ?

Of course I sometimes block, but never for long. My infallible thing is my magic box (actually, it's a folder on my computer) : my precious records. I have kept everything, for about 10 years : old drawings I had made, interesting fabrics, photos, a lot of images I had recorded because they had touched me. It works every time!

How would you define creativity and what does it mean to you?

We are all creative people, every human being is. To be creative is to take something out of your soul and put it out, make it visible. To express something of yourself, something beautiful – I mean something important to you - you have to take risks, because you put your personality forward, you expose yourself, but also you affirm yourself. That's how you learn who you are, how you grow and how you bloom. This is very important!

Artistic creation is something else, because it is something you learn, you work on, you improve.

My job is to put my artistic creations at the service of children, so they can express their own creativity. I create schoolbags and backpacks that will highlight their personality because I am convinced that to grow well, you have to trust yourself. ».