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Caramelo, a small stray dog, passes his truffle through the gate of Rafaela's family house in Caracas. What a joy for an 8-year-old girl to be chosen as a friend by a naughty little dog! One day, when she was a teenager, he left just as he came, but always remained in her heart. If today his brand is called Caramel & cie. it is to infuse each of his creations with the spirit of those unique moments of joy that we always remember with emotion.


Our little ones are growing faster and faster. And one day, while we still imagine them to be very small, they no longer want a schoolbag but demand (with a certain strength of conviction...) a backpack! So to offer parents an alternative to the brand that makes "packs from the east" (in French in the text!), I decided to create my first backpack. And what could be better than a wolf to illustrate it? So it also accompanies our children in the forest where they can howl with their pack of friends!


In order not to make anyone jealous, after having created a large backpack, I wanted to imagine one for our little ones. And then I thought, "Why not create a dream backpack for them? ». And here they are on the school trail, with their bow and arrows, flooding on the back of their apaloosa, hunting buffalo! No, rather making a face when the buffalo mother licks their faces with her huge, raspy, drooling tongue!


As its name indicates (or not!) the "Happy Fairy" schoolbag is the schoolbag that celebrates the 5 years of Caramel & cie. We have put all the brand's know-how into it. It's a dream schoolbag, glitter pink, for princesses and little princes who love pink. It is eco-responsible and fair. It is made almost entirely of recycled polyester, including the threads and the outside. It is ultra-strong, even more reinforced to last longer, while remaining light and comfortable thanks to its padding (straps and back) and its ergonomic straps, to take care of your children's backs. And above all, we have not increased its price despite the higher cost of materials.