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Pencil case

Pencil case

Beautiful and solid, flat or double, our pencil cases are perfect for children who like to hide their little treasures as well as for adults who love their look.

The best choice of kits for 1st grade girls

Tick, tock, tick, tock… Back to school is fast approaching. Parents and children alike are looking for the most suitable school supplies for first-grade girls on the supermarket shelves. But finding the right pencil case and satchel isn't always easy. This is why, at Caramel & Compagnie, we offer you quality products. And what's more, you don't even have to leave your home thanks to our online store!

The transition from kindergarten to first grade is not always easy

Your daughter is going to take her first steps in elementary school. Kindergarten is over, she will have to equip herself like a grown-up. You've already received the list of all the school supplies she needs and it's still a hell of a chore! Between notebooks and books are pencils, colored pencils, markers, pens but also the ruler and pencil sharpener. All of these utensils should be stored in safe places to avoid being lost.

This is when the kit comes in. To avoid making a mistake in the model, you can trust the Caramel & Compagnie team. We offer you solid, bulky and suitable kits for elementary school and first grade. The strength of the materials used will allow you to keep it throughout the year without fear that the square will make a hole in it.

In addition to the choice of the school bag, on wheels or not, a new step is to be taken into consideration: the pencil case. It needs to be big enough to hold most of the perfect schoolgirl. We recommend an accessory with several compartments. It will be much more convenient for your princess's organization.

How to choose the right kit for your daughter in first grade?

Shapes and patterns for all tastes

There is no shortage of choice, as we approach the big day of the start of the school year, the supermarket shelves are filled with various and varied kits. Modern, sober, with a touch of pink, or even with a chameleon print ... It is not always easy to navigate. It is for this reason that we have designed our collections around particular and very distinct universes.

Depending on your daughter's temperament and character, she can assert herself with glitter, lightning, animals like dragonflies or cats. For the most dreamy, the world of travel and fairies will be the best ally in this new stage of life. It is important that this accessory appeals to your child. She will be using her kit throughout the year, five days a week, which is not to be neglected.

Besides, they are not just accessories either. Your little blond head will learn that it is an indispensable work tool. It is for this reason that you should turn to quality articles. Choosing the first price would be a mistake, especially in terms of reliability. Our product line combines quality at a very reasonable price.

A case or nothing

The pencil case will be everyday equipment for your adored little girl. In one place, she can find everything she needs. Becoming more independent is vital to its development, so why put a strain on its growing wheels?

Schoolbags often have many pockets. Without a case to put all the items in, everything might suddenly become too complicated. Whereas with a model with two or three compartments, you just have to unzip it to find everything. It’s practical and fun.

Some parents find it more useful to separate colored pencils and markers from writing materials, for example. Yet, in your child's head, confusion may appear. Moreover, by choosing a case with compartments, the time saving is appreciated by both the pupil and the teacher. It’s still annoying not to find your things when class has started and you have to follow the instructions.

Make the best choice

We will keep telling you this, but do not neglect the quality of the product. In first grade, little girls, like little boys, are not yet used to using several school supplies. During their kindergarten years, they had a single backpack with inside their blanket, a diaper and a few toys to keep busy. The value was sentimental, now it becomes indispensable.

For the little blues of this back-to-school season unlike any other, it is best that your child is comfortable with his school materials. And that goes through the kit! Choosing her with you will give her a sense of responsibility.

If you want to combine aesthetics and practicality, you can definitely choose a pencil case that matches your daughter's satchel or school bag. We have imagined colors and patterns that blend perfectly. Little girls get flirtatious very early on, it is normal for yours to ask you to match their accessories.

It’s time for you and your daughter to get ready for the first grade. Remember that the kit has become an indispensable tool and that it will accompany your child throughout the year and why not next year.