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From CE2 to CM2

From CE2 to CM2

Both sturdy and incredibly trendy, the Caramel & Cie schoolbag will allow your child to express its personality on the playground as soon as the school year begins.

Whether it is the start of the new school year or the return to school during the year, after a vacation or an exceptional event, school supplies and their selection is a real challenge for the parents of little girls in CE2. in CM2. Buying a school satchel is, however, an essential step for your little princess. It’s an accessory that will follow him throughout the year and beyond. This backpack must meet different criteria and adapt to your daughter's body type. It is therefore important to choose the right one.

The advantages of the schoolbag from CE2 to CM2

You have to know how to sort things out, the binder for schoolgirls from CE2 to CM2 is totally different from the one they had in first grade and even more so in kindergarten. They are getting closer to college and are increasingly drawn to teenage models. But they are still a little young for an Estpak type bag.

The backpack has a major drawback. To be able to store your things, there are no compartments and everything is mixed up and messy. There is often only one large pocket, and a small one in the front. This is not enough for children of this age group. Prefer a satchel made of resistant and waterproof material in order to keep the personal and school effects of your little sweetheart as much as possible during the year.

You will keep the backpack option for outings to the park or to the swimming pool. Wet things will find their place and avoid wasting notebooks and other manuals. With a well-balanced satchel, you guarantee maximum hold and above all you protect the back of your dancer, gymnast or rider. This is a very important element, especially during the time of growth.

The choice of girls in classes from CE2 to CM2

The selection of the school bag for students from CE2 to CM2 is generally governed by four recurring and essential elements: practicality, interior organization, gender and design.

How do you know if a satchel is practical?

Parents with children in elementary school, and especially in grades 3-4, know that school bags fill up visibly as the years go by. Notebooks, pencil cases, binders, books… Schoolbags are always full for our older girls. If you go for a budget schoolbag, it is not certain that it will end the year in one piece.

This is why at Caramel & Cie we offer our customers robust models of remarkable quality. These are essential criteria to put together in a binder. Even loaded, they do not give in and throughout the school year. Their padded shoulder straps also provide remarkable support for the small shoulders of your protege.

How do you know if it's easy to organize?

All health professionals have the same discourse. The schoolbag for a girl from CE2 to CM2 must not exceed 10% of her weight load. It is for this reason that you must choose an accessory that is completely adapted to your body type. In fact, don't hesitate to check the weight of the load a few times. If you see that it is too heavy a lot of times, talk to his or her teacher.

As for the dimensions, make sure it does not exceed the width of your fairy's back and shoulders. It’s a whole process that helps keep your growing back and spine healthy. Do not hesitate to ask us for our opinion if you are in doubt about one of our models.

What type of satchel is the most suitable?

Whether in CE2, CM1 or CM2, you no longer have much control over the choice of your daughter's schoolbag. And that's quite normal! She is growing, asserting herself and wants to prove to herself that she is a real person. You are well aware that there are various types of satchels on the market. But which one is the best?

It's not just the one with wheels that comes in handy. Moreover, it does not only have advantages. If your daughter ever has to climb stairs, then she will have to lift it. Not sure she's used to the latter's weight. Therefore, you can choose from a selection of our most beautiful models of school bags. We also have backpacks for extra-curricular activities such as swimming or dancing. But also travel bags for your little weekend getaways or several weeks.

Is it possible to combine design and comfort?

At Caramel & Compagnie the answer is yes! We strive to offer you girly patterns but not just pink! There is a flagship model in our shop: the butterfly schoolbag. This bag is a best seller among girls. Equipped with wings, we have declined it in several colors: silver, sequins or gold. Let yourself be seduced at the same time as your daughter. Our models vary from the basic Disney and the Frozen that all the dolls tear off ... We also have mixed models.

Another nice collaboration, it is surely the one with Minireyve! The two creators offered us a graphic on the theme of swans which is very poetic and which will surely be to your dreamer's taste. Obviously, she can match her pencil case with her satchel. What to be well matched for back to school!

Discover without further delay our best products and enjoy delivery anywhere in France. We offer little boys and girls school objects with a nice value for money. You might as well be trendy all year round!