New collection ! Let's go for the great adventure!

First year satchel

From CP to CE2

The first years of primary school are the beginning of great adventures. Available in several sizes, the Caramel & Cie schoolbags, solid and ergonomic, adapt perfectly to your children's needs so they grow up well.

From girly to classic, our selection of schoolbags for girls from CP to CE2 will please! This new accessory must above all be practical, which is why we combine design and comfort for a unique experience throughout the school year and much more.

A transition stage with kindergarten

Back to school marks a big event in the lives of little princesses. They are growing and need a satchel adapted to their body type. Obviously, you will not be able to keep the same model from CP to CM2 because her body will still evolve and the bag may be too small and not really to her liking. Nevertheless our products are made to last at least from CP to CE2.

The times when you made decisions for him are now a thing of the past. Kindergarten is far behind. For this start of primary school, you will have to be conciliating between the tastes of your little fairy and the comfort that you want it to include.

How to choose the right school bag for your daughter from CP to CE2

Different criteria come into play to select the right school bag that suits your little blond head. To guide you we have listed the most important. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of our team. We can give you good advice to make a wise selection.

Criterion number 1: weight

Health professionals are unanimous in saying that the weight of the bag should not exceed 10% of that of the child. In general, in primary school, children weigh around 22 kg. This gives a satchel of 2.2 kg maximum. And yet, as a parent, you see the many supplies and other notebooks piling up on your little girls' backs.

It is therefore important to check this weight at different times of the year. If you see that it is often very heavy, do not hesitate to share it with the school's teaching team, including your teacher or parents' associations. Prefer a light vacuum bag to avoid overweight and future back problems for your schoolgirl.

Criterion number 2: ergonomics

To perfectly fit the shapes of your little one protected and guarantee her absolute comfort, our models are equipped with wide padded shoulder straps. Thanks to them, the weight of the school backpack is better distributed. Also remember to check the straps. If they are too long, they may pull on the shoulders and increase the arch of the back. In full growth, it is better to preserve your child.

We strive to provide you with superior quality products at very affordable prices. The materials we use are sturdy and can withstand a lot of situations. We know that little adventurers in 1st to 3rd grade love spending time in the park with their friends, which is why we've come up with a line of backpacks that are just as durable.

The wheeled bag was often sold as a practical accessory. Although it allows it to be pulled out without having to put it on its back, the trolley has its drawbacks. For example, if your daughter has to climb floors, she will have to carry this satchel at arm's length. And if she's not used to it, it could possibly bother her. In addition, in CP or CE1, she is still small to know how to handle it perfectly. Prefer this type for larger classes such as CM1, CM2 or college.

Criterion number 3: the capacity

At Caramel & Compagnie we have developed school satchels which are practical in terms of storage. They have two shallow compartments to be able to both balance the weight but also navigate your organization. She can store her pencil case there, which she can match according to certain patterns, her binders, her text book and other notebooks.

It’s much easier than a classic backpack where the compartment is just a large pocket. In addition, the inside pockets allow her to slip in her personal effects such as her school transport card or her glasses box if she is wearing them. Making your child aware of storage and organization from an early age is a real benefit that she can reuse later in her future life.

Criterion number 4: design

If your little girl wants to be different from all the others who dream of a Disney bag with the effigy of their favorite princess, you are on the right page. Here we have unique and neat designs. Unicorns, butterflies, animals, stars or even glitter ... There is plenty to choose from. Whether its tastes are very girly with pink or more classic and sober with touches of black or dark blue, we adapt by offering you a maximum of diversity.

Some models are mixed and will please your boy as well. For this start of the school year, you can trust us. Our products are available for delivery everywhere in France. Your doll can therefore choose the schoolbag or backpack that she likes for her year in CP, CE1 or CE2.

We collaborate with designers and release new and trendy collections as is the case for Minireyve. Let yourself be tempted by a universe of pastel colors and enchanting animals like the swan. We are very proud to bring local designers to the fore.

You can also trust us if you are looking for a travel bag. We have a whole range on this subject for weekends or even longer vacations. And if your child is a sportswoman, our backpacks are perfect for extra-curricular activities such as swimming, gymnastics or even dancing. We accompany them everywhere to make them feel good in their sneakers and in their backpacks!